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How do I receive WhatsApp Web notifications on Firefox?

You can get notifications for new messages when using WhatsApp Web. Notifications appear on the right side of your computer's desktop.

If you are not receiving WhatsApp Web notifications, there are a few reasons why this can happen:

  • You have not yet turned on WhatsApp Web notifications in Firefox.

  • You have blocked WhatsApp Web notifications in Firefox.

  • You have temporarily turned off alerts and sounds for all WhatsApp Web notifications.

To turn on WhatsApp Web notifications

  1. Click Turn on desktop notifications in the blue box at the top of the chat list.

  2. Follow the directions on the screen and click Always Show Notifications to enable WhatsApp Web notifications.

If you do not see the blue box, try refreshing the page. If you still do not see the box, you may have muted or blocked notifications from WhatsApp Web.

To allow WhatsApp Web notifications

If you're not receiving WhatsApp Web notifications, you may have blocked notifications for WhatsApp Web. You can allow notifications by doing one of the following:

  • Click on the Lock icon to the left of your Firefox browser's address bar, then navigate to Permissions > Show Notifications > Allow.


  • Click on Lock icon to the left of your Firefox browser's address bar, click on More Information, access the Permissions tab and make sure Show Notifications is checked.

Read more about Firefox Notifications here.

To turn off WhatsApp Web notifications

You can turn off all WhatsApp Web notifications or disable it for a specific period of time.

  • To disable it altogether, open WhatsApp Web, click the Menu icon , click Settings, click on Notifications and uncheck Sound and Desktop Alerts.
  • To disable notifications for a duration, go to Notifications > Turn off alerts and sounds for... and select your desired period of time.

If you wish to re-enable notifications, simply click on the Disabled Notification icon next to the New Chat icon.

Note: If you mute a group or an individual chat on your phone, it will also be muted on WhatsApp Web. All other notification settings are independent of your phone and computer and do not affect one another.

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