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Changing your phone number

The Change Number feature allows you to change the phone number associated with your WhatsApp account on the same phone. This feature is intended to be used before you verify your new number.

If you have a new phone number and a new phone, please read this FAQ.

Using the Change Number feature in WhatsApp will:

  • Migrate your account information (including your profile information), groups and settings from your old phone number to your new phone number; and
  • Delete the account associated with your old phone number, so your contacts can no longer see your old phone number in their lists of WhatsApp contacts.

If you use our Change Number feature, your chat history will continue to be available on your phone with the new phone number as long as you continue using the same phone.

Before beginning the Change Number process

  1. Make sure your new phone number can receive SMS and/or calls and has an active data connection.
  2. Make sure your old phone number is currently verified in WhatsApp on your phone. You can see what number is verified in WhatsApp by navigating to WhatsApp > More > settings > profile.

Note: When you change your WhatsApp phone number, your contacts will not individually be informed of the change. Only participants that share group chats with you will see that you changed your number. For a seamless messaging experience, notify your contacts that your number will be changing before you begin this process.

Changing your phone number

To change your phone number within WhatsApp, follow these steps:

  1. Insert the new SIM card with the new number into your phone.
  2. Open WhatsApp.
  3. Check if your old phone number is currently verified. You can see what number is verified in WhatsApp by navigating to WhatsApp > More > settings > profile.
  4. Tap More > settings > account > change my number > continue.
  5. Enter your old phone number in the top box.
  6. Enter your new phone number in the bottom box.

7. Tap accept at the bottom of the screen to continue.
8. You will be prompted to verify your new phone number.

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