How to send video messages

Video messages on WhatsApp allow you to instantly record and share up to 60-second video messages directly in the chat.
Send a video message
  1. Open the chat you'd like to send a video message to.
  2. Press and hold
    next to the text field. The timer will count down to start recording.
    • You can switch between the front and back phone camera before or during your recording.
  3. When finished, remove your finger from
    . The message will automatically be sent.
  • We’re rolling out updates to this feature. Some users may not yet be able to send video messages using
    . If this update isn’t available to you yet, you can still send video messages by tapping
    to switch from voice to video recording, then pressing and holding
    video message
    to start recording.
  • To access new WhatsApp feature updates, we recommend updating WhatsApp to the latest version. Learn how here.
Using lock mode
Lock mode allows you to record hands-free video messages.
To engage lock mode:
  1. Open the chat you'd like to send a video message to.
  2. Press and hold
    next to the text field, then slide
    upwards to
    to lock hands-free recording.
  3. Tap
    to send the message.
When in lock mode, you can:
  • Flip the camera: Tap
    to switch between the selfie and back-facing camera. Note: Recordings always start from the selfie camera.
  • Stop: Tap
    to stop your recording.
  • Cancel: Tap
    to cancel your recording.
  • Send: Tap
    to send it to the chat.
On video messages you've sent:
You can see if your recipients have played your video message. Press and hold your sent video message > Info. Recipients who have played your video message will appear under Played by.
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