How to join a group in a community

Web and Desktop
Any community member or admin can discover groups that are also part of that community.
The maximum group size is 1,024 members. If a group is full, you can request to join the group when a member leaves or is removed from the group.

Join a group in a community

  1. Click the Communities tab.
  2. Click a community.
  3. Under Groups you can join, click the group.
  4. Click Join group or Request to join.
You'll either be added to the group straight away, or when your request is approved. You’ll see any groups that are pending a request for you to join at the bottom of the list of community groups.
To cancel your request, click Cancel request.
Note: Groups will be displayed by newest first, then in descending order based on number of members, then any groups with pending requests.

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