How to join a group in a community

Any community member or admin can discover groups that are also part of that community.
Join a group in a community

To discover and join groups in a community, go to Community info and scroll to Groups you can join.
Request to join a group

To request to join a group, tap or click the group, then tap Request to Join. Select the group admin you want to send your request to and tap Send.
To cancel a request, tap Cancel request.
Join a group

To join a group, tap or click the group, then tap or click Join group.
Note: A group can have up to 1,024 members.
Access groups in a community

There are a few ways to access groups in a community.
You can tap or click the community the group is part of from the Communities tab or in your Chats tab. Then, tap or click the group.
Or, you can search for your group by typing the group name into the search bar.
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