About chats stored in your phone’s WhatsApp database

Daily optimization to WhatsApp provides updates to general maintenance, deleting disappearing messages, chats, and information for your Google Account backup. We do this by automatically backing up your messages daily to your phone’s WhatsApp database. Your phone will store your chats to your phone’s WhatsApp database or SD card depending on your device settings.
Your phone’s WhatsApp database stores your complete chat history in order to recover them in the event of corruption. Daily optimizations to your phone’s WhatsApp database are automatic and can take as little as ten seconds, so you don’t have to worry about downloading updates manually. You also don’t need to be online during optimizations, and you don’t need to activate specific settings to enable it.
We recommend using your Google Account to backup a full history of your chats and media files.
Note: You can only restore chats stored in your phone’s WhatsApp database if you’re using Android OS 9 or below.
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