About requesting a review when your Channel is closed in a particular country

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If your channel is closed in a particular country, you'll see the following notification in Channel alerts: "Your Channel Is Closed In This Country: {Country}”. People with a phone number from that country can’t read or follow the channel. The channel will still be viewable in other countries.
A channel might not be viewable for users in a particular country as a result of local laws..
If you think the channel was closed in a particular country by mistake, you can request a review:
  1. From the channel alert, click Request a review.
  2. Select the reason you’re requesting a review.
  3. Click Request review.
You can monitor the status of your review in the Reviews section of Channel alerts.
  • All Channel updates are removed from our servers after 30 days. This means that even if your Channel is restored, your updates may no longer be available.
  • Review requests can only be submitted once per alert. While only one of the admin can submit the review request, all admins will be able to see the progress.
Learn more about our Channel Guidelines here.

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