About QR code for WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business QR codes are an easy way for customers to discover and reach out to your business. Existing and new customers can send you messages through the WhatsApp Business app by scanning your business account’s QR code. Your unique QR code won’t expire unless you reset it or delete your WhatsApp Business account.
Business tip: You can create a pre-populated message that customers can quickly edit and send once they open your short link. You can update this message anytime under the Short Link section.

View your WhatsApp QR code


  1. Open the WhatsApp Business app > tap More options
    more options
  2. Tap Business Tools > Short link.
  3. Tap View QR Code to view your QR code.


  1. Open WhatsApp Business > Settings.
  2. Tap Settings > Business Tools > Short Link.
  3. Tap QR Code to view your QR code.

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