About WhatsApp for Apple Watch

Note: There’s no official WhatsApp app for Apple Watch.
But, you can still read and reply to notifications on Apple Watch.

How to get started

To use WhatsApp on your Apple Watch, you’ll need:
  • WhatsApp version 2.12.9 or later.
  • iOS 9.1 or newer.
  • WatchOS 2 or newer.

What features are available for WhatsApp on Apple Watch?

WhatsApp features are limited on Apple Watch as we don’t have an official app.
You can:
  • Read notifications.
  • Reply to messages.
  • Send and receive messages.

Enable WhatsApp notifications on Apple Watch

First, you’ll need to connect WhatsApp to Apple Watch. To do this:
  1. Enable Bluetooth on your iPhone.
  2. Ensure your Apple Watch is connected to Bluetooth.
  3. Enable WhatsApp notifications in iPhone settings.
  4. Allow notifications on your iPhone.
  5. Turn on Allow Notifications, and enable all alerts.
  6. Go to your Apple Watch app.
  7. Go to Notifications and scroll to Mirror iPhone alerts from.
  8. Turn on WhatsApp.

Read and reply to notifications

  1. Tap Reply to reply to a notification. There are several ways to reply.
    • Tap Suggestions to immediately send a reply.
    • Or, write on the watch with your finger.
    • Or, tap the microphone to dictate a reply.
  2. Alternatively, tap Dismiss to mark the notification as read and remove it from your screen.
  • You won’t be able to see any older messages, only new notifications.
  • For images or voice messages, use WhatsApp on your phone.
Read the Apple Watch Support website to find out more about Apple Watch.

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