About safely communicating with WhatsApp support

When you contact us with a question, WhatsApp Support may communicate with you over email or in a chat thread.
When you connect with WhatsApp Support over email, we will get back to you with an email response. WhatsApp Support will only contact you from email addresses ending in @support.whatsapp.com.
When you connect with WhatsApp Support in a chat thread, we will only message you from our official WhatsApp Support account, which is marked with the verified badge and the Official Support Account label.
You might also interact with artificial intelligence (AI), when you contact WhatsApp Support. Responses generated by AI are labeled with AI
AI sparkle
in the message bubble. At times, messages generated by AI may be inaccurate or inappropriate. We recommend checking the Help Center to further assist in resolving your issue.
If you receive a message claiming to be WhatsApp Support, but doesn’t have the verified badge or the Official Support Account label, this is likely a scam. Please do not reply and please report or block this number.
There are certain pieces of information WhatsApp will never ask you. These include: sensitive personal information, your full name, PIN, or payment details.

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