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Internet problems can cause connection issues on WhatsApp. Here’s what you can do to help fix them:
Fix connection issues
Check to see if you have an internet connection if you can’t connect to WhatsApp, or send or receive messages.
Here’s how:
  • Open a chat. Is there a clock next to messages rather than a check mark? If you see a clock, this means your messages aren't getting delivered.
  • Check the network signal on your device to see if it's blinking, or empty.
  • Open a webpage in your device's browser to see if it loads. If it does, your device is connected to the internet.
  • Check if you can connect to other apps.
  • Contact your mobile provider if you can connect to other apps but not WhatsApp. They may be able to help you change some settings so that WhatsApp can work.
On your device
If your device is connected to the internet, and has a strong signal, here’s what you can try:
  • Turn your device off and on again.
  • Turn Mobile Data on.
  • Turn Airplane Mode on and off.
  • Allow Background App Refresh.
  • Update WhatsApp.
  • Use a supported operating system.
  • Turn off roaming.
  • Turn Wi-Fi off and on. Connect to different hotspots.
  • Check Focus mode to ensure Wi-Fi or data stays on.
Note: It’s not possible to use WhatsApp with VPN services.
Other steps to take
  • Reboot your Wi-Fi router.
  • Contact your mobile provider. Ask if your APN settings are set up properly. An Access Point Name (APN) provides all the details that your device needs to connect to the internet.
  • Contact the Wi-Fi network administrator.
  • Sometimes, for example, office or university campus Wi-Fi can cause connection issues. Try a different Wi-Fi or use data.
  • Forget your Wi-Fi network and reconnect.
Note: It’s a good idea to ask the person you’re trying to contact to do the same, in case the issue is on their end.
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