How to block a group admin

Web and Desktop
At this time, it's not possible to block a group. However, you can exit the group and block the group admin. You can also report a group, learn how in this article.
You can decide who can add you to groups by changing your group privacy settings. Learn more in this article.

Block an admin not saved in your phone's address book

  1. Click the WhatsApp group chat, then click the group subject.
  2. Under Group info, click the admin you want to block.
  3. Click Block {phone number} > Block.

Block an admin saved in your phone's address book

  1. Click
    more options
    above your chats list.
  2. Click Settings > Privacy > Blocked contacts.
  3. Click Add blocked contact and enter the contact name.
  4. Click the name to block the contact.

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