How to download or uninstall WhatsApp


To download WhatsApp

  1. Find WhatsApp Messenger in the Google Play Store, then tap Install.
  2. Open WhatsApp and agree to our Terms of Service.
  3. Register and verify your phone number.
  4. Enter the year you were born.
  5. If a backup of your chat history was found and you would like to restore it, choose Restore. Learn more about restoring your chat history here.
  6. Enter your name and an optional profile photo. You can also change this later in WhatsApp by tapping More options
    more options
    > Settings, and tapping on your profile name.

To uninstall WhatsApp

  1. We recommend using the Chat Backup feature to back up your messages before you delete WhatsApp from your device.
  2. Go to your device's Settings.
  3. Tap Apps & notifications > WhatsApp > Uninstall to remove the app and all of its data.
Note: If your Android device does not support the Google Play Store, please check your device’s app store or go to

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