How to register your account with a phone call

If you choose to verify your number with a phone call, you can either receive a missed call or a voice call from WhatsApp.
Note: Verify your number with a missed call is only available on Android.

Register with a voice call

  1. Tap Voice Call on the registration screen in WhatsApp. You’ll receive a call from us.
  2. Answer the call and you’ll get an automated message with a unique code.
  3. Enter the code when prompted to complete registration.

Register with a missed call

  1. Tap Missed call on the registration screen in WhatsApp.
    • The call will show up as a missed or rejected call from an unknown number in your call log. You might not notice your phone ringing.
  2. You’ll be asked to grant WhatsApp these permissions:
    • Manage calls: This allows WhatsApp to automatically end the incoming phone call.
    • Access to call log: WhatsApp needs to access your call log so we can do a one-time check that you received the call.
  3. You’ll receive a call from us and WhatsApp will automatically complete your registration.
  • If you deny these permissions before completing registration, you’ll need to verify your phone number with an SMS or voice call to register.
  • You can disable these permissions at any time. To manage permissions, go to Settings and tap Apps > WhatsApp > Permissions.

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