How to register your account with a missed call

We send you a registration code to confirm that you own the phone number you want to use on WhatsApp. Read more about the registration requirements.
If you choose to verify your account with a phone call, you can either recieve a missed call or a voice call from WhatsApp.
We explain the difference between these two types of calls below.
Missed call
This is a call you’ll receive from WhatsApp that you don’t need to answer. It’ll show up as a missed or rejected call from an unknown number in your call log. You might not notice your phone ringing.
To register with a missed call, you’ll need to grant WhatsApp these permissions:
  • Manage calls: This allows WhatsApp to automatically end the incoming phone call.
  • Access to call log: WhatsApp needs to access your call log so we can do a one-time check that you received the call.
Once you grant these permissions, you’ll receive the missed call. WhatsApp will automatically end the call to complete your registration.
If you deny these permissions before completing registration, you’ll need to verify your phone number with an SMS or voice call to register.
Note: You can disable these permissions at any time. To manage permissions, go to Settings and tap Apps > WhatsApp > Permissions.
Voice call
This is a call you’ll receive from WhatsApp that you do need to answer. You don’t need to grant any specific permissions.
To receive a voice call, tap Voice Call on the registration screen in WhatsApp. You’ll then receive a call from us.
When you answer, you’ll hear an automated message which will read out a unique code.
You’ll need to enter this code into WhatsApp on your device when prompted to complete registration.
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