About verified business accounts

Note: Meta Verified is coming to WhatsApp Business. Join the waitlist now.
The badge
verified business
next to the contact's name means that Meta has confirmed that it is the authentic presence for that person or business.
If you'd like to stop a business from contacting you, learn how to block them in this article.
Note: This feature may not be available to you yet.
Meta Verified is a subscription that helps your business establish its presence across WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.
The following details are for businesses who want to verify their account on WhatsApp. If you want to verify your account on more than one app, like Facebook or Instagram, learn how to sign up for Meta Verified on the Meta Business Suite here.
Benefits of Meta Verified
With a subscription, you get:
  • A verified badge: Build customer trust and confidence by showing that your account is validated and authentic.
  • Prioritized business support: When you reach out to us, you’ll hear back from us faster.
  • Account protection: Proactive impersonation monitoring helps keep someone from pretending to be your business on WhatsApp.
  • Multi-agent: Connect up to 10 devices to your account and assign them to chats, so you and your team can support more customers in less time.
  • Custom business web page: Reach new customers with a web page created from your Business details and catalog. This includes a custom address link that you can share outside of WhatsApp to direct people to the page, or inside of WhatsApp to start a chat with you.
Learn how to subscribe to Meta Verified in this article.
Note: Assignable multi-device and the custom web page and link address features were available with WhatsApp Premium subscription. These features are now part of Meta Verified.
What if my business already has a verification badge?
Your business might have received a verification badge previously to indicate that your account was official. If you have a verification badge today, your verified status will roll over. No action is required from you.
Update business information before subscribing
Make sure your business profile is up to date before you become verified so your customers have accurate information about you. Once your business has been verified, your WhatsApp business profile business information will be locked. You won’t be able to update your business information like your profile picture, business name, category, address, email, or website. This helps us keep WhatsApp safe for everyone, and to protect your account from being impersonated.
If you change your Business info after your account has been verified, your verification will be canceled and you’ll have to resubscribe for verification. Note that canceling your Meta Verified subscription removes all but your 4 most recently used linked devices, removes your web page from the web, and makes its address link available for others to claim.
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