About creating a business name

A business name must be representative of the business or organization.

Rules for creating a business name

To be eligible for an "Official business account", business names can't include:
  • All capital letters, except for acronyms. Only the first letter of each word can be capitalized. Conjunctions may not be capitalized. For example:
    • Correct: Sweet Treats or Tammy's Burritos and Tacos
    • Incorrect: SWEET TREATS* or Tammy's Burritos And Tacos
  • Any extra spaces between words. Business names must use single spacing.
  • Unnecessary punctuation
  • Emoji
  • Symbols (example: ®)
  • Consecutive non-alphanumeric characters (characters which are neither numbers nor letters)
  • Any of these special characters: ~!@#$%^&*()_+:;"'{}[]\|<>,/?
Note: These formatting guidelines do not apply to businesses who already brand this way externally. In that case, the business name used on the WhatsApp Business app may incorporate punctuation, capitalization, etc. that matches the external branding.
Also, business names can't consist of only:
  • A person's full name
  • A generic term (example: Fashion)
  • A generic geographic location (example: New York)
  • Three or fewer characters
Finally, business names can’t include any variation of the word "WhatsApp". Learn more by visiting our Brand Guidelines.
Note: If your business account is listed as an "Official business account", changing your business name might result in your account losing its "Official business account" status.

How your business name appears in chat

Your WhatsApp Business account type determines the way your customers see your business name in their chat list.
If you have an Official business account, customers will see your business name in their WhatsApp chat list and chat thread, even if they haven’t saved your contact information.
If you have a regular business account, customers will see the name they saved for your contact information. If your phone number isn’t saved in their address book, they’ll only see the phone number you used to register your Business account.

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