How to deactivate a community

Web and Desktop
Note: Communities on WhatsApp is available in limited countries and may not be available to you yet. Check back to see when communities will be available in your area.
You can deactivate a community for all members if you’re the community creator.
When you deactivate a community, all the groups you and other members belong to will be disconnected from the community. These groups will still exist, and can be found in the Chats tab. Because the community is deactivated, nobody will be able to send further messages in the announcement group.
  1. Open the WhatsApp community.
  2. Click the community name and scroll down to Deactivate community.
  • Only the admin who created the community can deactivate the community for everyone.
  • When a community is successfully deactivated, all groups will be disconnected from the community.
  • Excluding the announcement group, groups that are unlinked from the community will continue to operate as a regular group in the Chats tab.
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