How to search for businesses inside WhatsApp

Use the WhatsApp business directory to discover businesses in your area.
Note: This feature is currently only available to users in Brazil using WhatsApp messenger app. We will overtime expand the availability of this feature geographically.

Choose your location sharing preference

  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Tap
    new chat
    and under "Discover", tap Businesses.
  3. Select your location sharing preference
    • To use your location to find businesses in your area, tap Continue > Use current location.
    • Note: Location permission should be enabled for WhatsApp in Settings.
    • To select a location manually or to use your phone number to see business within your region, select Continue. Then, pick a location on the map.
  4. Type in the query for the business you’re looking for.
  5. You can refine your search even more by tapping the filter chip at the top of the list.
    • You can filter the businesses by category, distance, open status or catalog.
    • Tap the filter chip again to remove a specific filter from your results. Tap Clear to remove all filters.
  6. Tap a business to view their business profile.
  7. Tap
    new chat
    to start a new chat.
Note: When you search for businesses, search terms are processed in a de-identified way that will not be linked back to your account. For example, when searching for a bakery in your area, search terms such as, “bakeries near me”, “cake”, or “custom cupcakes” will not be associated with your WhatsApp account or phone number.

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