Teen Information Center

Created for teen users and their parents or guardians, this page shares educational content about in-app tools and features to help promote safe and private use of WhatsApp.
WhatsApp offers simple, reliable, and private communication between friends, family, and communities. WhatsApp lets you connect through:
  • Messages
  • Voice and video calls
  • Sending images and video
  • Sharing your status, and more

Understand your privacy

At WhatsApp, we want you to understand:
  • What information we collect
  • What we do with it
  • How to exercise your privacy rights
Our Privacy at a Glance walks you through these topics in a simplified way. In each section, you can explore privacy topics with explanations and examples. You can also learn how we use and keep your information safe.

WhatsApp Channels

When you use WhatsApp Channels, we collect some limited information about you. Our Privacy at a Glance: Additional information for Channels together with our main Privacy at a Glance guide, will help you to understand what information we collect, what we do with it, and your privacy rights when we use your information in connection with Channels.

Message privately and safely

Whether it’s in conversation with friends, family or a business, your personal messages are secure, and you are in control.
WhatsApp has a number of privacy settings, tools and controls to help keep you and these messages safe.

Supporting your well-being

On WhatsApp, we want you to be yourself, speak freely and feel close to the most important people in your life, no matter where they are.
Learning how to safely navigate digital communication spaces is important to your well-being.

Help your teen stay safe on WhatsApp

Creating a safe and private space for teens to communicate is really important for WhatsApp. We provide information for parents and guardians to help protect and support their teens when they use WhatsApp.

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