We’re updating our Terms of Service for users in Austria

What is changing
As required by Austrian law, we’ve updated our terms to:
  • Explain how future changes to the terms will work, and how to manage your account options if you don't want to accept.
  • Specify how you can assign your contractual rights and obligations to another person. We’ve also removed the section about WhatsApp’s ability to assign our contractual rights and obligations to other entities.
  • Clarify that our terms are not intended to interfere with your country’s laws, and what happens if they do.
If you choose not to accept the updated terms, the last valid terms you accepted will apply.
What’s staying the same
We know that privacy is a top concern for our users, so we want to be very clear:
  • There is no change to the services you receive, including how we process, use or share your data with anyone, including our parent company Meta.
  • As always, your personal messages and calls remain end-to-end encrypted. No one else, not even WhatsApp or Meta, can read or listen to them.
Learn more about managing your account options here. Thank you for using WhatsApp.
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