Can’t complete verification for Meta Verified for Business on WhatsApp

If you’re experiencing verification issues when signing up for Meta Verified, here are some potential solutions.

Can't sign up

Meta Verified for businesses is slowly rolling out and isn’t available for everyone yet. If you’re not able to sign up, it may not be available for you yet.

Unable to verify business details

If you don’t see your business listed on the Select your business screen when signing up, we won’t be able to verify your business details.
If this happens, we recommend that you:
  • Make sure you entered your business information correctly.
  • Choose the business record that most closely matches your business, even if there isn’t an exact match.
  • Try signing up again after 4 weeks if the business you’re verifying is newly registered.

Confirmation code issues

If you have trouble with your confirmation code, we recommend that you:
  • Make sure you enter your 5-digit confirmation code correctly.
  • Enter your code before it expires.
  • Depending on the verification method you choose, make sure you check the correct email address or phone number for your code.
Note: Confirmation codes expire after 24 hours. If your code expires, you can select Resend code to receive a new one.

Issues uploading ID

When you take photos of your valid, unexpired government-issued photo ID to upload for identity verification, make sure you:
  • Use a well-lit area.
  • Place your ID on a flat surface with a contrasting background.
  • Can clearly read the text in the photos.
We may not accept your ID photos if they are:
  • Too blurry
  • Too dark or not taken in a well-lit room
  • Missing the required information
  • A picture of a screenshot or a photo-copied ID
  • Not properly visible with all four corners in the frame

Verified badge not showing

Once your subscription is active, you may need to restart WhatsApp for your verified badge to appear on your account.

Verification failed

There are a few reasons verification may have failed:
  • You didn’t complete the verification process. If this happens, your subscription will be canceled and you will be eligible for a refund. Learn more in this article.
  • We weren’t able to confirm your connection to the business. If this happens, we recommend choosing a different business record or selecting a different verification method.

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