Can’t make payment for Meta Verified for Business on WhatsApp

If you experience payment issues while subscribing to Meta Verified for Business on WhatsApp, try the following solutions.

Payment declined or failed

If your payment method failed or was declined, we recommend that you verify your payment details in Google Play Store or Apple App Store meet the following requirements:
  • Make sure you use a supported payment method.
  • Make sure you enter your payment information correctly.
  • Make sure your payment method hasn’t expired.
  • Make sure your payment method has enough funds in your account.
Note: Your payment method’s financial institution may have declined your payment. If this happens, please contact your financial institution for more information.
We recommend adding a second payment method to your account as a backup. If your default payment method fails for any reason, your backup payment will be charged to keep your subscription active.

Unauthorized payment

If you see a charge that you don’t recognize, we recommend that you:
  • Compare your Meta Verified payment history in Meta Business Suite with your payment method’s bank statement.
  • Check to see if an admin on your Business Account that has access to your card made the charge.
  • Make sure the charge isn’t for a different Meta product, such as Meta Ads.

Charged twice

Meta Verified business subscriptions are charged on a monthly basis and automatically renew every month. If you notice multiple charges in the same month, we recommend that you check the payment status. If your payment shows as “Pending”, this is likely an authorization hold from your financial institution.

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