About call history on WhatsApp

WhatsApp calls will appear in your phone's call history. You can’t stop this from happening, but you can delete WhatsApp calls from your call history.
Find your call history

You can find your call history in the Calls tab in WhatsApp.
The Calls tab will show your incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. You can get more information about a call by tapping the specific call.
Delete calls from call history
  1. Open the Calls tab.
  2. Tap the call you’d like to remove.
  3. Tap
    more options
    then tap Remove from call log.
To clear your entire call history, open the Calls tab. Tap
more options
then tap Clear call log.
Restoring call history

After call history is deleted, it can’t be restored unless you create a backup first.
Your call logs are stored in your chat database file. Read about restoring your chat history.
  • WhatsApp calling uses your phone's internet connection to make calls, not your phone plan.
  • WhatsApp calls won’t show on your phone bill.
  • Data rates will apply through your mobile provider. Contact your mobile provider for more information.
  • You can’t email or export your call history.
  • The only way to restore call history is through a backup. We can't restore or print your call history for you.
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