About community announcements for admins

When you create a community, all admins and members are added to an Announcement group.
This is a group you’ll use to share announcements to all community members.
Only admins can send announcements and start polls, but members can reply and react to them.
When a community member replies to an announcement, you’ll receive a notification.
As admin, you can delete members’ replies, or report them by tapping and holding Reply and tapping Delete or Report.
  • If you leave the Announcement group, you’ll also exit the community.
  • Everyone can see the total number of members in the Announcement group, and admins can see who the members are.
  • You can add up to 2000 members to communities. All community members are automatically added to the community Announcement group.
  • Community members can report replies by tapping and holding a reply and tapping Report.

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