About automatic phone number verification

This feature is only available in limited countries and may not be available to you yet.
WhatsApp can automatically verify your login when you register your phone number.
There are several ways WhatsApp can do this:
  1. By storing a unique code on your phone. This happens when you sign up to WhatsApp and confirm your phone number through a missed call or SMS. The unique code is then used to automatically verify your phone number in future.
  2. You can opt in to save your phone number and verification information for future logins through Facebook or Instagram. When you opt in, a unique code stored on your mobile phone is used to create verification information for your account. When this happens, Facebook and Instagram won’t save your WhatsApp phone number or use it for any other purpose. If you’re using the same phone number and device to log into WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram will share your verification information with WhatsApp to automatically log you in. Find out how to opt out on Facebook or Instagram.
  3. You can enable end-to-end encrypted backups in Google Drive. If enabled, WhatsApp saves a unique back-up code to Google Cloud. This means when you delete and reinstall WhatsApp, you can skip SMS verification and we can automatically verify you.
  4. WhatsApp can automatically verify your phone number without an SMS or missed call by working with your phone carrier to validate that your device information matches the phone number that you’re registering.
After verification, you will see a Verified confirmation to let you know that your phone number has been securely verified on your device without sending a code.
  • As always, your personal messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted. No one, not even WhatsApp, can read or listen to them.
  • You can also use manual verification methods such as missed calls or SMS.

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