About minimum age to use WhatsApp

You must be at least 13 years old (or such greater age required in your country) to register for and use WhatsApp.
Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information.
  • Creating an account with false information is a violation of our Terms.
  • Registering an account on behalf of someone who is underage is also a violation of our Terms.
Keeping users safe and secure
We provide a range of tools, features, and resources to keep users safe. For example, we ensure people can’t search for your phone number on WhatsApp, and a user can:
  • Choose who can contact you
  • Control who can add you to group chats
  • Hide your personal information like your last seen and online, profile photo, and about
  • Leave group chats silently
You can learn more about privacy and safety information for teen users on WhatsApp here.
Reporting an underage child
If your underage child created a WhatsApp account, you can show them how to delete their account. You can learn how to delete an account in our Help Center.
If you'd like to report an account belonging to someone underage, please send us an email. In your email, please provide the following documentation and redact or hide any unrelated personal information:
  • Proof of ownership of the WhatsApp number (e.g., copy of government-issued identification card and phone bill with the same name)
  • Proof of parental authority (e.g., copy of birth or adoption certificate for the underage child)
  • Proof of child's date of birth (e.g., copy of birth or adoption certificate for the underage child)
We'll promptly disable the WhatsApp account if it's reasonably verifiable that the account belongs to the underage child. You won't receive confirmation of this action. Our ability to review and take appropriate action on a report significantly improves with the completeness of the information requested above.
If the reported child’s account isn't reasonably verifiable as belonging to an underage user, then we may not be able to take action on the account. In this case, if you're not the parent of this child, then we strongly recommend that you encourage a parent to contact us using the instructions above.
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