Verified account visibility within WhatsApp Discover businesses

Note: This article is intended for businesses in Brazil using the WhatsApp Business Platform.
Discover businesses is a feature that helps users in Brazil find and connect with businesses that use the WhatsApp Business Platform. To use this feature, users can tap
New chat message with a plus symbol
> Discover Businesses > Verified Accounts > View All. Only verified business accounts will be displayed.
To help customers find great businesses, Discover businesses will display businesses that must meet the following criteria:
  • Accounts must have a Verified or Official Business Account status.
  • Accounts must have a Connected status in the WhatsApp Business Manager, indicating that their phone numbers are connected.
  • The WhatsApp Business Account must be using the WhatsApp Business Platform.
  • Visible phone numbers in a WhatsApp business account must have different account profile names.
  • The display name for a given phone number must be unique for the given country because duplicate names are not allowed.
  • The phone number must have the prefix +55 for Brazil.
  • The phone number must be responsive to at least 80% of incoming user messages in the last seven days.
  • On average, the account must reply to the first message in a user-initiated conversation within 24 hours.
We also recommend that businesses take the following steps to improve the quality of their accounts:
  • Use a clear business logo as the account profile photo.
  • Select the relevant business category.
  • Add their business address.
  • Add a description of their business.
We reassess account eligibility every 24 hours. If an account doesn’t meet the criteria, it will no longer be visible in Discover businesses. This change is automated and business owners will be able to see the reason for the ineligibility in the WhatsApp Business Manager or Business Management API.

Opting out and in

Visibility in Discover businesses is automatic for businesses meeting the criteria above. Businesses can remove their account(s) from Discover businesses at any time through the WhatsApp Business Manager or Meta Business Suite. Businesses can also re-list themselves from the same locations, if eligible.
Businesses will need to allow 30 minutes for their visibility to be adjusted in WhatsApp users' phones.
Note: If an account was previously visible in Discover businesses, it’s possible that customers who found the account there will continue to contact the business. Charges could apply.

Understanding search results

Search results will match in full or in part the text the user has entered. The results displayed will only show businesses registered in the user's country.
Note: Global business accounts are not yet eligible to be listed in Discover businesses.

Popular businesses

The Popular businesses section in Discover businesses will highlight up to 25 verified business accounts for users to discover. To be featured in this section, business accounts must be responsive to at least 90% of incoming user messages. Business accounts must also have received the most messages through business search in their country in the last seven days.

Understanding the pricing model

The WhatsApp Business Platform is priced by each conversation. There are two rates, one for user-initiated and one for business-initiated conversations. User-initiated conversations are only charged once a business replies to the user, and standard pricing will apply. More information about the WhatsApp Business pricing model is available here. Rates are based on the end-recipient’s phone number.
As part of the initial rollout, businesses won’t know the:
  • Exact point of origin for the customer-initiated conversation
  • Total number of customer-initiated conversations

Business account information

Business account information will be used in accordance with the WhatsApp Business Terms of Service.

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