How to verify your phone number

  • You can only verify a phone number you own.
  • You must be able to receive phone calls and SMS to the phone number you are trying to verify.
  • You must have any call-blocking settings, apps or task killers disabled.
  • You must have a working internet connection through mobile data or Wi-Fi. If you're roaming or have a bad connection, verification may not work. Try opening on your phone’s Internet browser to see if you are connected to the internet.
  • Make sure you’re using a supported phone number. Unsupported phone numbers can’t be registered on WhatsApp and include:
    • VoIP
    • Landlines (Note: Landlines are only accepted on the WhatsApp Business app)
    • Toll-free numbers
    • Paid premium numbers
    • Universal access numbers (UAN)
    • Personal numbers
How to verify
  1. Enter your phone number:
    • Choose your country from the drop down list. This will automatically fill your country code on the left.
    • Enter your phone number in the box on the right. Don't put any 0 before your phone number.
  2. Tap Next to request a code.
  3. Enter the 6-digit code you receive via SMS.
If you didn't receive the 6-digit code by SMS
  • Wait for the progress bar to finish and retry. The wait may take up to 10 minutes.
  • Don't guess the code, or you will be locked out for a period of time.
  • If the timer runs out before you receive the code, an option will appear to request a phone call. Choose the Call me option to request the call. When you answer the call, an automated voice should tell you the 6-digit code. Insert that to verify WhatsApp.
Note: Depending on your carrier, you might receive charges for SMS and phone calls.
Troubleshooting steps
If you are having issues verifying, please try the following:
  1. Reboot your phone (To reboot your phone, turn it off, wait for 30 seconds, and turn it back on).
  2. Delete and reinstall the latest version of WhatsApp.
  3. Send a test SMS message from any phone to your own phone number exactly as you entered it in WhatsApp, including the country code, to check your reception.
We can't send your code via any other method due to security reasons.
Learn how to verify on: iPhone
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