What information does WhatsApp collect when you contact support?

When you contact WhatsApp Support, in addition to the information you provide directly describing your issue, WhatsApp collects your phone number or email address (depending on how you contact WhatsApp Support) to contact you to resolve your issue.
When contacting WhatsApp Support from within the app, WhatsApp collects your phone number and may collect additional information that is necessary to understand and resolve your issue, which includes:
  • Phone network information, such as carrier and network type
  • Device information, such as device type and free space available
  • Device settings, such as language and permissions granted to WhatsApp
  • Backup settings, such as backup frequency and time of last backup
  • WhatsApp app information, such as version number
  • Logging information about how features were used, which helps us understand what might have gone wrong
When contacting support by email, you can also provide this additional information, which will appear in the contents and attachments of your email draft to WhatsApp support.
Messages from WhatsApp Support may be generated by AI using a secure technology from Meta. At times, messages generated by AI may be inaccurate or inappropriate. We recommend checking the Help Center to further assist in resolving your issue.

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