How to download the WhatsApp Business app

The WhatsApp Business app is a free-to-download app for small businesses.
Before downloading the app, please be aware of the following:
  • If you have an existing WhatsApp Messenger account, you can easily migrate your account, including chat history and media, to a new WhatsApp Business account.
  • Your chat history can't be moved back to WhatsApp Messenger if you decide to stop using the WhatsApp Business app.
  • You can use WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger simultaneously, but the accounts must be linked to different phone numbers. It's not possible to have one phone number linked to both apps at the same time.

To set up the WhatsApp Business app:

  1. Download the WhatsApp Business app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Verify your business phone number.
  3. Restore your account from a backup, if you wish.
  4. Set your business name.
  5. Build your profile. Tap More options
    more options
    > Settings > your business name.

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