About security codes that automatically fill on WhatsApp

Certain apps may require you to submit a one-time passcode (OTP) before signing in. An OTP is usually an alphanumeric code sent via message and is valid for one use only. You can opt to receive these codes on WhatsApp.
If you opt to receive an OTP on WhatsApp:
  • To help you sign in, certain apps may configure their settings to automatically submit the code sent through WhatsApp to be verified on your behalf.
  • WhatsApp will automatically and securely deliver the OTP directly to the app, making it easier for you to quickly and safely access the apps you need.
Your message content is always protected. No one outside of the chat, not even WhatsApp, can read it.
Apps should always ask for permission before sending you a code via your WhatsApp account or any other kinds of messages. If you do not want a business to send you a one-time passcode over WhatsApp, you can select another delivery method that the business offers in their app.
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