How to create and send a marketing message

Note: This feature might not be available in your area yet.
Your marketing message can be about things like a new product or a special offer. You can also send a marketing message to thank your customers and ask them for feedback on your service.
Create a message
As you create your message, you can preview how it will look to your recipients.
Add a picture to your message
You can optionally add a photo or video to your message.
  1. Tap
    > Marketing messages > Try it now.
  2. Tap the plus sign > tap:
    • From your gallery: Choose an image from your device.
    • From your archived statuses: Use a previous status update. Learn more about archived status updates here.
    • Take a photo or video: Use your camera.
  3. Tap
    to insert the image into your message > Next step.
Add text to your message
  1. Enter your message’s text. You can tap Receiver name to insert your contact’s name and make your message more personal. For example, you could say:
    Hi {receiver name}, we would love to see you again! Get 10% off on your next purchase with coupon code SS10.
    • Note: “Receiver name” will be replaced with your receiver’s name. Insert “receiver name” where you’d like your receiver’s name to appear in the message.
  2. Tap
    when you’re done > Next step.
Select an audience
There are several ways to select your marketing message’s audience:
  • Smart lists: In addition to your contacts and broadcast lists, you can send your message to contacts who have recently messaged you, or contacts who haven’t. Smart lists are auto-generated so you don’t have to spend time manually selecting your audience.
  • Labels: Send your message to contacts whose messages you’ve labeled.
You can send your message to some or all contacts across multiple smart lists or labels.
When you’re done selecting an audience, tap
Review and send or schedule your message
Review your message and audience. You can change these if you need to.
Note: Your device must be connected to the internet at the time your message is scheduled to be sent. If it isn’t connected to the internet, the app will attempt to send your message after one minute, and then every 10 minutes until successful. The app will try to send your message up to 10 times.
Schedule send
You can set your message to send to your customers immediately, or you can choose a date and time to send the message. To set a date and time, tap When > Send later > Choose when to send. Select a date > tap OK > select a time > tap OK > Done.
Pay for your message
To add a payment method:
  1. Enter your email address > tap Send code. You’ll receive a six-digit code at this email address.
  2. Enter the six-digit code.
  3. Select your country or region, currency, and time zone > tap Next.
  4. Add a payment method > tap Save.
  5. Enter the required information, such as your email or business address.
  6. Review your estimated total and add a payment method.
Tap Send now or Send as scheduled to finish creating your message. If a message is not delivered, funds will be credited back to your account for future use. Learn more about how payments for marketing messages work in this article.
Sending limits
You can send up to 250 messages within the first 24 hours of using this feature, and up to 1000 messages within the last 30 days. You can only send 500 messages at a time. Once you’ve reached a limit, you won’t be able to send more messages for the remainder of each time period.
WhatsApp will monitor reports of these messages as spam. WhatsApp might suspend businesses from sending marketing messages if there is a high volume of negative feedback from customers. As a reminder, businesses must provide all necessary data disclosures and notices (such as maintaining a privacy policy or labeling marketing messages) and secure all necessary rights, consents, and permissions (for example, opt-in) to communicate with its customers via WhatsApp as stated in the WhatsApp Business Terms of Service. Businesses must also honor and comply with all customer requests to stop or opt-out of receiving certain or all types of WhatsApp messages from the business.
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