How to rejoin a community

To rejoin a community that you left, use the invite link or rejoin any of the groups that are in that community.
If you were removed from a community by an admin, a community or group admin will need to re-invite you.
Once you rejoin a community, you’ll be automatically added to the community Announcements group. You can choose to join the general chat.
You can add yourself to more groups within the community.
If you were a community admin and left the community, a community admin will need to re-invite you. You can ask an admin to make you a community admin again.

Rejoin a community you’ve left multiple times

If you want to rejoin a community you’ve left twice, you’ll need to wait 24 hours to rejoin.
Every time you leave a community, this wait time increases. The most you’d need to wait is 81 days.
When you rejoin a community, you can rejoin all the groups you were removed from when you left.

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