How to use status

Web and Desktop
You can use Status to share photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours from your primary phone. While you can view status on WhatsApp web, you can’t create or share statuses. You’ll need to do this from your primary phone.

Using status

You’ll find the Status section by clicking
status unread
Contacts’ statuses will appear under Recent.
To see someone’s status, and for them to see yours, you’ll need to have each other saved as contacts.
You can see muted statuses by clicking Muted.
Note: You can’t save statuses on Web.

Create and share a status

You can’t create or share statuses from WhatsApp Web. You’ll need to do this from your primary phone.

View status

  1. Click
    status unread
  2. Click the contact under Recent to view their status.
  3. If someone shares a status you haven't seen yet, you'll see a green ring around their profile picture.
  4. You can see viewed statuses in the Viewed section of the Status tab.
  5. When you see someone's status they can tell you’ve seen it, unless you or they disable read receipts.

Reply to status

To respond to a contact's status:
  1. Click the contact’s status.
  2. Type a reply in the text box.
  3. Click
    to add an emoji, and
    text tool
    to add a sticker, if you choose.
  4. Click
    text color
    to share.

Delete or edit status

You can’t edit a status. However, you can edit a photo or video before you upload it as a status on your phone.

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