How to find and follow WhatsApp Channels

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Find and follow people and organizations you care about on WhatsApp Channels to stay informed or learn something new. When you follow a channel, you'll see updates like written notes, links to information, photos, or videos from them in the Channels section of the Updates tab. To know when there's a new update, you can also choose to turn on notifications for a channel.

How to find channels

Find channels with topics that interest you by:
  • Browsing the channel list: See all channels available to you. The list is automatically filtered to show channels based on your phone number's country code and your language preference, but you can explore all channels by changing the country, category, filter option and more.
  • Checking out recommended channels: See the channels recommended to you by scrolling to the bottom of the Updates tab to view the Find channels section. Channel recommendations are based on the following, which help us to recommend channels that are relevant to you and which are the most engaging.
    • Channels information. This can include the number of followers of a channel, the reactions by channels followers to channel content, and the frequency of channel updates by admin(s); and
    • General location information (e.g. country) and language preference.
  • Finding channels through external links: Channel admins can share a link outside of WhatsApp to help people to find their channel. Use the link to open a channel in WhatsApp and browse updates.
Check out the list of channels available to you by:
  1. Clicking the Channels icon
  2. Clicking
    > Find channels.
Channels with a verified badge next to their name have been verified by WhatsApp as being authentic.
From there you can sort the list based on what interests you most:
  • Browse by category and filter channels by topic: Find a channel in a category you’re interested in. You can also sort channels by what is new, popular, or most active.
  • See channels from other countries: See the list of channels available in other countries by changing the country.
  • Search for a channel: Click
    to search through all channels available to you. Channel search results may be prioritized by channel metrics, like how popular and active they are. When you search for channels, search queries are logged to make it easier to find channels and improve the search and channels experience.
You can preview channel updates before you follow:
  • To see what type of updates a channel posts, click the channel name to preview recent updates.
  • Learn more about a channel by checking out their channel info page. Click on the channel name or click
    more options
    > Channel info.

How to follow channels

  • Quick follow from list of channels: You can quickly follow a channel from the directory by clicking Follow next to the channel name.
  • Follow from channel: Open a channel you're interested in, and click the Follow button.
You can also follow channels from their channel info page.
  • WhatsApp Channels has begun rolling out but isn’t available to everyone yet. Join the waitlist to be notified when WhatsApp Channels is available to you.
  • Where channels is available, we’re rolling out new features gradually. Some features, like being able to create a channel, might not be available to you yet.

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