About phone number hiding

Web and Desktop
You can start a WhatsApp chat directly with a business through ads on Facebook and Instagram. In some cases, when you open a chat with a business for the first time, your phone number will be hidden from them by default for your privacy. This means that the business can’t see your phone number or call you at your phone number unless you choose to share it. When phone number hiding is enabled, you will see a system message alerting you of this in the chat.
There are a few ways you can share your phone number with a business:
  • Open your chat with the business. Click the business’s name or number > Phone number privacy > SHARE NUMBER.
  • If the business has requested your phone number, you will be notified with a message. Click Share phone number > SHARE NUMBER.
  • If the business already has your phone number from a previous interaction, you can’t hide your phone number from them.
  • Once you share your phone number with a business, you can’t turn phone number sharing off again.
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