How to restore your chat history

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To restore your chat history, including your group chats, first make sure that you have an existing Google Account backup. To check if you have an existing Google Account backup:
  1. Open the Google Drive app and sign into your Google account.
  2. Tap Menu > Backups.
  3. If you’re saving WhatsApp backups to your Google Account, they’ll appear in this list.
To restore your chat history from your Google Account backup:
  1. Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp.
  2. Tap Restore when prompted. Tap Skip to reinstall without restoring your backup.
For additional security, you may be prompted to verify your identity to restore your chats. You can do this by receiving a code by text or a call if you haven’t enabled two-step verification or end-to-end encrypted backups. Learn how to turn on two-step verification here and enable end-to-end encrypted backups here.
  • Unfortunately, we can't help restore your backup because your chat history isn’t stored on our servers.
  • Any messages sent and received after the latest backup can’t be restored.
  • The amount of space in your Android device must be larger than the backup you wish to restore. A partial backup can occur if your Android device does not have enough storage. If you are unable to restore a backup completely, first make sure your device has enough storage, then delete the app and try to restore your backup again.
  • The phone number used for backing up and the one used for restoring must be the same.
  • Your Google Account only stores one backup per phone number. Each new backup overrides the old one. There isn't a way to restore a previous Google Account backup.
  • Videos will only be restored if you toggled on Include videos before creating your latest backup.
  • Backups include messages and media sent and received in communities. They also include updates shared over WhatsApp Channels, but they do not include media unless you are the channel admin.
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