How to manage your ad or ad account

Note: This feature is currently available on Android devices in select regions.
Edit your ad
At this time, you can’t edit an ad after it’s been created.
Manage your ad account
To change the email address associated with your ad account, tap
> Advertise >
> Ad account settings >
. Then, enter your new email address > tap Save. You’ll receive a six-digit code at this email address. Enter this code.
Repeated ads
At this time, you can’t schedule an ad to run, or promote the same ad automatically. After your ad has stopped running, you can promote the same ad again.
Pause your ad
To pause an ad, tap
> Advertise > MANAGE. Then, tap the ad you want to pause >
> Pause ad.
See your ad’s performance
To see your ad’s performance, tap
> Advertise > MANAGE. Then, tap the ad you want to see information for. You can see how many people viewed your ad and how many messages you received through the ad.
Rejected ad or ad account
Learn more about rejected ads and ad accounts in this article.
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