About the community announcement group

Note: At this time, you can only add up to 2,000 members to new and existing community announcement groups and communities. We're working on resolving this issue quickly.
The community announcement group allows admins to broadcast announcements and other relevant messages to all community members in the announcement group. Only community admins can send messages in the announcement group.
Members whose privacy settings are set so anyone can add them to a group are automatically added to the announcement group when they join a community. As a member, you can view how many participants are in the community and mute notifications for the announcement group.
The announcement group can have up to 5,000 participants.
  • Users can leave the announcement group and continue to be a member of the community.
  • Everyone in the announcement group can see the total number of participants in the group, however, only community admins can see all of the participants in the announcement group.
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