How to protect yourself from suspicious messages and scams

Suspicious or scam messages can occur when an unsaved WhatsApp user tries to trick you into sharing personal or financial information. Learn more about how to identify suspicious messages in this article.

How to protect yourself

1. Pause and think

Look out for suspicious behavior:
  • Are they using an unknown number?
  • Are they rushing you?
  • Are they being threatening or asking you to trust them?
  • Are they asking you to transfer money or share a password, pin, or personal information?

2. Stop the conversation

Hang up a call or stop replying to the user. If you can’t verify the contact’s identity, do not share any personal or financial information.

3. Block and report

Block the user to stop them from contacting you, and report them to WhatsApp. Learn how to block and report in this article.

4. Update your privacy and security settings

Adjust your privacy settings to control who can see your personal information and contact you. You can also enable two-step verification to better secure your account.

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