How to place an order using cart

When you are visiting a business’ catalog on WhatsApp, use the Message Business button to start a conversation, or use the Add to cart button to begin the order process.
Adding products to cart
  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Go to your chat with a business or their business profile.
  3. Tap the Shopping button
    next to the business name to access their catalog.
  4. Browse through the products.
  5. Tap
    next to an item to add that item to your cart. You can also tap an item to open the product detail page. Then, tap ADD TO CART.
    • Tap
      to adjust the quantity of that item in your cart.
Note: You can also tap MESSAGE BUSINESS to ask about the product. To ask about multiple items, add all of them to your cart and send your inquiry in a single message. An order isn't final until confirmed by the seller.
Editing your cart
  1. Tap the VIEW CART or
    from the Catalog menu or in your message with the businessto see the products added to your cart.
  2. Tap ADD MORE to navigate back to the catalog to add more products.
  3. Tap
    to adjust the quantity of specific items in your cart.
Placing an order
  1. Once you’ve updated your cart, tap PLACE ORDER.
  2. Once sent, you can see your order details by tapping on the VIEW SENT CART button in your chat window with the seller.
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