How to view a Facebook shop on WhatsApp

Note: After September 28, 2022, WhatsApp Business users will no longer be able to display their Shops storefront on the WhatsApp Business app. The default commerce tool on WhatsApp will become catalog, a mobile storefront that you can manage directly in the WhatsApp Business app. Learn more about this update here.
WhatsApp lets businesses link their WhatsApp Business accounts to a Facebook shop, making it easy for customers to explore the products and services featured in a shop without leaving WhatsApp.
Businesses that have their accounts linked to a Facebook shop have a shopping bag icon visible next to their name in the chat.
Explore a Facebook shop in WhatsApp
  1. Open a chat with the business whose shop you’d like to explore.
  2. Tap the shopping bag icon next to their name.
  3. Their Facebook shop should open in WhatsApp. From here, use the search bar to look for specific items or scroll through the shop to explore all of the products and services that business has to offer.
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