How to subscribe to WhatsApp Business Premium

Note: This feature may not be available in your area yet.
WhatsApp Business Premium tools on the WhatsApp Business app are optional paid features that allow you to run your business even more efficiently and attract more customers. A single monthly subscription gives you access to available Premium tools.
Note: At this time, you can’t subscribe to tools individually.

Subscribe to WhatsApp Business Premium

  1. Tap
    more options
    > Settings > Premium.
  2. Tap START FREE TRIAL or SUBSCRIBE > Subscribe.
  3. If your payment is successful, you can start using Premium immediately.
  • If you have the option to try WhatsApp Business Premium for free, you will not be charged until after 30 days. Cancel your subscription before your trial ends to avoid being charged.
  • Payments for WhatsApp Business Premium are managed through the Google Play store.

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