About the WhatsApp Business search functionality

Note: This feature is currently only available for use in Colombia, Mexico, Indonesia, and the UK.
The WhatsApp Businesses search feature is a home for finding and contacting businesses on WhatsApp. The feature helps WhatsApp users find and start conversations with businesses within the familiar WhatsApp experience.
To use this feature, tap
> Businesses > type the name of a business. Once you have found the business you’re interested in, you can simply send a message to that business in WA to begin your conversation.
What businesses are searchable?
All businesses that are searchable within this feature are WhatsApp verified accounts. Business search results will match in full or in part the text the user has entered. When you search for businesses, search terms are processed in a de-identified way that cannot be linked back to your account. The results displayed will only show businesses registered in your country. For example, if your phone number starts with +44, then you will only see results with the same country code.
What are popular businesses?
Note: The popular businesses section is currently available in Mexico, Colombia and Indonesia.
The popular businesses section will help you to find businesses more easily in your country offering great experiences on WhatsApp. Businesses listed in the popular businesses section are those that are highly responsive and engage with the most users that message them through WhatsApp Business search. The popular businesses section is updated daily.
Will I be charged for contacting a business?
No, it will not cost you anything to contact a business that you have found and connected with using this feature.
Your information will be used in accordance with the WhatsApp Privacy Policy.
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