About information shared when you share your status update to Facebook stories

When you share your status on WhatsApp, you also have the option to share status updates to your Facebook story. If you choose to enable status sharing with Facebook Stories, you will have control over which status you choose to post on Facebook Stories, which audience settings you want to allow, and the option to disable status sharing to Facebook Stories at any time. Status sharing from WhatsApp to Facebook is optional and off by default. Any status that you share will be subject to Facebook’s Community Standards.

Information shared through status sharing

If you choose to enable status sharing to your Facebook story:
  • WhatsApp will receive your Facebook profile photo and name to help you confirm your Facebook account.
  • Facebook will receive your device information such as language, browser information, IP address, and that your story came from WhatsApp.
  • Each time you share your status to Facebook Stories, Facebook will receive your WhatsApp status information, such as the content, media type, and caption.
  • When you share your status update with Facebook, your phone number, contacts and messages on WhatsApp will not be shared, and your personal messages will continue to be end-to-end encrypted.
The information Facebook receives may be used for the purposes outlined in Meta’s Privacy Policy, including for ads and personalization.

Status sharing settings

WhatsApp and Meta won’t share your information related to status sharing without your permission, and you can disable status sharing at any time. You have the option to always share your status to Facebook Stories or to only share selected statuses.
When you share your WhatsApp status to your Facebook story, it will use your existing story privacy settings on Facebook and will appear in the same places on Facebook as it would when directly posting a story to Facebook. It will not appear on Instagram, even if you’ve already set up Facebook to Instagram story sharing. You can update your audience privacy settings for Facebook Stories in your Facebook settings. Learn about where your Facebook Stories can appear in this article.
You can enable or disable status sharing by going to your WhatsApp or Facebook Stories settings. Learn about your WhatsApp status privacy settings in this article.

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