How to create short links

The WhatsApp Business app enables you to share a short link with customers so they can start a chat with you directly.
If a customer opens the short link on a device that has WhatsApp installed on it, it automatically opens a chat between the two of you. If they open the short link on a web browser, they will be sent to a web page with your business information and your default message if one was assigned. From there, they can click CONTINUE TO CHAT to open a chat with you.
Note: If you’ve selected to share your profile picture with Everyone in your privacy settings, your profile picture will appear on the web page as well. Learn how to change your privacy settings in this article.
Creating a short link
A short link for your business is automatically generated when you create an account on the WhatsApp Business app. To access this short link:
  1. Open the WhatsApp Business app > Settings > Business Tools.
  2. Tap Short Link. The short link will be displayed under your business name.
Once you’ve accessed your short link, you can:
  • Tap Copy Link if you wish to copy the short link and paste it somewhere else on your website or other Facebook pages.
  • Tap Share Link if you wish to directly send this link over to your customers. Anyone who has access to the link will be able to message you.
  • Create a custom default message that customers can edit and send you when they open the short link.
Business tip: A pre-populated default message makes it easier for customers to reach out to your business with common questions or inquiries.
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