How to exit and delete groups

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You can delete a group for all members if you’re the group admin. Before you can delete a group you must remove all group members, and then exit the group.
When you delete a group, you won’t see the group in your Chats tab. The group chat history will also be erased from your phone. It's not possible to restore a group once it's been deleted.
Other members will still see the group in their Chats tab. But, no one will be able to send messages.
Note: To access groups that are part of a community, tap the community the group is part of from the Communities tab or Chats tab. Then, tap the group. Or, you can search for your group by typing the group name into the search bar.
Remove group members
  1. Open the WhatsApp group chat, then tap the group name.
  2. Tap the member's name > Remove {member} > OK.
Exit a group
After removing all group members, you’ll need to exit the group.
  1. Open the WhatsApp group chat, then tap the group name.
  2. Tap Exit group > Exit.
When you exit a group, only group admins will be notified.
Your profile name and phone number will be shown in the Past members list in Group Info. Your profile photo may also be shown, depending on your settings.
Group members can see your information in this list for up to 60 days after you leave the group.
Note: If you’re the only group admin and leave the group, another member is chosen at random to become the new admin. If you rejoin the group and would like to be an admin again, you need to ask the group admin to make you one.
Delete a group
After you exit a group, you have the option to delete the group.
  1. Open the WhatsApp group chat, then tap the group name.
  2. Tap the Delete group icon > Delete group.
    • If you don't want to delete the group media from your phone, uncheck Delete media in this chat or Delete media in these chats.
Delete a group that’s part of a community
You’ll find groups that are part of a community by tapping the community. These groups aren’t in your Chats list.
Some ways to find the community are:
  • In the Communities tab.
  • In your Chats tab.
  • By typing the group name into search.
Follow the steps above to delete the group. You can also remove the group from the community.
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