How to change your phone number


You can change the phone number associated with your WhatsApp account. Before changing your phone number:
  • Make sure your new phone number can receive SMS texts or phone calls.
  • Make sure your old phone number is currently registered on WhatsApp. Find your registered phone number by tapping
    more options
    > Settings > your profile photo.
  • Make sure you’re using a supported phone number. Unsupported phone numbers can’t be registered on WhatsApp and include:
    • VoIP
    • Toll-free numbers
    • Paid premium numbers
    • Universal access numbers (UAN)
    • Personal numbers
    • Landlines (Note: Landlines are only accepted on the WhatsApp Business app)

Change phone number on the same phone

To change your phone number using the same phone, first insert the SIM card with the new phone number.
  1. Tap
    more options
    > Settings > Account > Change number > Next.
  2. Enter your old phone number in the first field and your new phone number in the second field. Enter both in full international format.
  3. Tap Next.
    • If you turn on Notify contacts, you can choose if you want to notify All contacts, Contacts I have chats with, or Custom.... With Custom..., you'll need to search for or select the contacts you want to notify, then tap the
      check mark
    • Your group chats are notified when you change phone numbers regardless of whether you choose to notify your contacts.
  4. Tap Done.
  5. You'll then be prompted to register your new phone number. Learn more in this article.

Change phone number on a new phone

If you want to transfer your chat history, you’ll need to create a Google Account backup on your old phone. Learn how in this article. If you don’t create a backup using your Google Account, you’ll need to manually transfer your backup. Learn how to manually transfer your backup in this article.
After changing your phone number on your old phone:
  1. Install WhatsApp on your new phone.
  2. Register your new phone number.
  3. Restore your backup.
Note: If you change your phone number and use the same WhatsApp account, your blocked contacts will stay blocked.

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