About WhatsApp charges

We don’t charge for sending messages and media, or making voice and video calls on WhatsApp.
Using WhatsApp requires an internet connection through either a mobile data network or Wi-Fi. Data charges may apply for these services. For information about data charges, contact your mobile provider.
Data charges might also apply if you’re roaming, or using your device’s default messaging or calling system.
For example:
  • You sent invitations to your contacts via SMS/MMS to join WhatsApp.
  • You were SMS/MMS messaging contacts who don't have a WhatsApp account. Both you and your contact must have WhatsApp installed on your devices to send and receive free messages and media over WhatsApp.
You can monitor your WhatsApp data usage in Settings.
To see how much data you’ve used:
  1. Tap
    more options
  2. Tap Settings > Storage and data.
  3. Tap Network usage.

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